Aggressor - Procreate The Petrifactions

Aggressor "Procreate The Petrifactions" Blue LP

Label: Roundsound
Released: 1992/2012
Style: Death Metal
Country: Estonia


Side A:
1. Legal Requirement
2. Wrong Faith
3. Meaningless Life
4. Fire Below The Ash
5. Procreate The Petrifactions

Side B:
6. Fear The Future
7. Never End The Odds
8. Lifestyle
9. Widow´s Mourning
10. Don´t Be So Stupid

Length: 48:46


First Estonian death metal release, recorded 20 years ago in 1992, finally for the first time on LP.

May 2012 marks 20 years since the release of this material. Until now, the first Estonian death metal album has only been available on a cassette and a CD-R. Finally, the material recorded 20 years ago will be released in appropriate formats. We have mastered the material so as not to lose its authentic mood and sound. As the original studio tapes had been very well preserved, the release can now be published.


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