Anal Caves - Cave Explorer

Anal Caves "Cave Explorer" Kassett / MC

Label: Trash Can Dance
Released: 2017
Style: Grindcore
Country: Estonia


1. Cave Explorer
2. Fistfuck Butchery
3. Saturday Night Cockdance Fever
4. Suffocate Through The Orgasm
5. Kolm Banaani Ühte Anaali
6. Assfuck Is The Best Sport
7. Sit On A Cock
8. Creampie
9. Retard
10. Broken Anal
11. Feticide
12. Caveman
13. Scisofrenical Birth
14. Master Of Anals
15. Faggot In Maggot
16. Wet Vaginal Rodeo
17. Perverted Gorefuck
18. Brain Surgery
19. Strap-On Fetus

20. Fetus (Instrumental)
21. Csi (Instrumental)



"Ladies and Gents of a**diggers, maybe you want to listen to our one and only full album, enjoy!"

Cassette release with two bonus tracks.


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