Loits - Ei Kahetse Midagi

Loits "Ei Kahetse Midagi" Digipak CD

Label: Drakkar
Released: 2001/2009
Style: Black Metal
Country: Estonia


LOITS I Tulisilma Sünd
LOITS II Sinimäed 1944
LOITS III Tõelised Kuningad
LOITS IV Valge Nägu
LOITS V Hauast Aupaistesse
LOITS VI Kolmjalg
LOITS VIII Sinu Mees, Sinu Vend, Sinu Poeg

9. Tõelised Kuningad (varajane versioon)

Length: 48:29


A re-release of the legendary debut by the crown jewel of Estonian metal, Loits – an album which, after its initial release in 2001, has successfully sold out four printings by different local and foreign record companies and which, in its darkly poetic manner revived the bonds between modern day man´s courage and the ancient events that defined our identity as an ethnos. May this album belong to your record shelf as surely as the stars belong in the night sky!

CD in 4-panel digipak with 12-page booklet. Gold ink & Spot UV lacquering


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