Dead Furies - Rock City A Go Go

Dead Furies "Rock City A Go Go" LP

Label: Dragstrip Riot Records
Released: 2018
Style: Hard Rock
Country: Estonia


1. Getcha Kicks MF
2. Take A Chance With Me
3. On A Mystery Train
4. Feast Of The Vampyr
5. Surfin´ Craze
6. Black Jeans / White Boots

1. No Reason To Die
2. Blood & Coke
3. Jailhouse Romeo
4. Working Class Zero
5. Aloha Baby
6. Rock City A Go Go



The second studio album from Estonian action-rockers Dead Furies!



"Rock music from Estonia established a spot on my musical map,
thanks to the Dead Furies."
Über Rock

" A lot of energy and fine melodies are the right ingredients for the good recipe in this style, and songs like “On a Mystery Train” and “Take a Chance With Me” are good illustrations of this."

"This is the kinda shit we should all be listening to, all the time. It’s swaggering, obnoxious, full-tilt gonzo rock ’n’ roll created by three dead-enders with nowhere to go and all night to get there." Classic Rock Magazine

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