Aeon Aethereal - Parasite Halls

Aeon Aethereal "Parasite Halls" Digipak CD

Label: omaväljaanne
Released: 2008
Style: Melodic Death/Thrash/Black Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Dementia Praecox
2. Vanity
3. Disease
4. Parasite Halls
5. Angels
6. Our New World
7. Endgame
8. Atrophy Sublime
9. Testaments of Grandeur

Length: 43:16


The long wait is finally over. After winning the HRC Young Band Contest in 2005, Aeon Aethereal´s (then named BloodForge) debut album has been eagerly waited in Estonian metal scene. As for genre, Aeon Aethereal´s creation fits somewhere between death and melodic black metal with some thrashy riffs in it.


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