Thou Shell Of Death - The Forest of Shadows

Thou Shell Of Death "The Forest of Shadows" CD-R / Wooden Box

Label: self-released
Released: 2010/2011
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Part I [Kuula/Listen]
2. Part II
3. Part III

Length: 30:21


Born howling from snowstorms and utter cold, the young Estonian black metal three-piece Thou Shell Of Death is about to raise its ugly head for the first time. The 30-minutes EP "The Forest Of Shadows" delivers slow and menacing black metal riffing, atmospheric dark-ambiental soundscapes and haunting vocal performance.

This is the third CD-R edition, self-released by the band. Comes housed in a massive red-coloured wooden box, also containing Thou Shell Of Death´s patch and A4 sized poster. Limited to 20 copies!


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