Firespawn - The Reprobate (Ltd. Deluxe Ed.)

Firespawn "The Reprobate (Ltd. Deluxe Ed.)" Digipak CD

Label: Century Media
Released: 2017
Style: Death Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Serpent of the Ocean
2. Blood Eagle
3. Full of Hate
4. Damnatio ad Bestias
5. Death by Impalement
6. General´s Creed
7. The Whitechapel Murderer
8. A Patient Wolf
9. The Reprobate
10. Nightwalkers



Brutaalne ja tehniline death-metal-küte varajase Morbid Angeli, Monstrosity ja Dissectioni stiilis. Tegu on meestega, kes lähemat tutvustamise ei vaja: LG Petrov (vokaal - Entombed A.D.) kitarristid Victor Brandt (Entombed A.D.) ja Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed, Necrophobic), A. Impaler (bass - Unleashed, Necrophobic) ja trummimasin Matte Modin (ex-Dark Funeral, Defleshed).

"The Reprobate" on bändi teine kauamängiv.


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