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Falkenbach "Heralding - The Fireblade" CD
Label Napalm
Release date 2005
Style Blackened Folk/Viking Metal
Country Saksamaa
Price: 10.99 EUR


1. Heathen Foray [MySpace]
2. Of Forests Unknown
3. Havamal
4. Roman Land
5. Heralder
6. Laeknishendr
7. Walkiesjar
8. Skirnir

Length: 45:00

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One of the most legendary names in viking metal genre returns with his most expansive album "Heralding - The Fireblade". Hymn-like but heroic, Falkenbach┬┤s fourth album finds Vratyas Vakyas expanding his bombastic vision by bringing back his blackened screams and varying tempos.

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