Full Blown Chaos - Heavy Lies The Crown

Full Blown Chaos "Heavy Lies The Crown" CD

Label: Ferret
Released: 2007
Style: Hardcore/Punk
Country: USA


1. Firefight
2. Hard Goodbye, The
3. Halos For Heroes
4. Fail Like A Champ
5. Heavy Lies The Crown
6. Over The End
7. No Last Call
8. All For Nothing
9. Raise Hell
10. Standpoint
11. Mojave Red Pt. 1
12. Mojave Red Pt. 2

Length: 46:18


"Heavy Lies the Crown" incorporates the best parts of thrash titans like Slayer, alongside the "basics" like Sick Of It All, with a healthy dose of the Southern rock groove and even elements of death metal.


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