Fall Of The Leafe - Aerolithe

Fall Of The Leafe "Aerolithe" CD

Label: Firebox
Released: 2007
Style: Melodic Metal
Country: Finland


1. Opening
2. All the Good Faith
3. Drawing Worry
4. Lithe
5. At a Breath´s Pace
6. Graceful Retreat
7. Sink Teeth Here
8. Minor Nuisance
9. Especially By Stealth
10. Look Into Me
11. Closure

Length: 41:18


Fall Of The Leafe´s dark, gothic, progressive approach takes it most convincing and lucid shape on 2007´s "Aerolithe" (their sixth album). A bit heavier and more straightforward than "Vantage", you will still hear a band coming up with interesting music that does not conform to any genre-specific restrictions.


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