Fates Warning - No Exit (Ltd.)

Fates Warning "No Exit (Ltd.)" Slipcase CD/DVD

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 1988/2007
Style: Progressive/Power Metal
Country: USA


1. No Exit
2. Anarchy Divine
3. Silent Cries
4. In a Word
5. Shades of Heavenly Death
6. The Ivory Gate of Dreams

Bonus tracks:
7. Quietus - Demo (singer Ray Alder´s audition tape)
8. The Ivory Gate of Dreams - Outtake 1 (rehearsal recording)
9. The Ivory Gate of Dreams - Outtake 2 (rehearsal recording)

- Live and behind-the-scenes footage from "No Exit" tour (approx. one hour)
- "Silent Cries" video
- "Anarchy Divine" video
- "Valley of the Dolls" live in Philadelphia 1988

Length: 40:15 + bonus


Fourth Fates Warning album, and first with vocalist Ray Alder. A heavy, dark, almost-thrash excursion of prog-metal greatness.

Metal Blade Record´s 2007 re-release includes three bonus tracks and a bonus DVD.


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