Forgotten Sunrise - Different Knots Of Ropelove

Forgotten Sunrise "Different Knots Of Ropelove" Digipak CD

Label: omaväljaanne
Released: 2007
Style: Deathbeat
Country: Estonia


1. Ropelove (Short Rope Edit)
2. Ropelove (RMX by Kardinaljävel aka Pehr Herb from Militant Cheerleaders On The Move)
3. Ropelove (RMX by Suicidal Romance)
4. Ropelove (RMX by Alec Empire from Atari Teenage Riot, The Hellish Vortex)
5. Ropelove (RMX by Jesus Complex)
6. Ropelove (Android Melts RMX by Requiem For FM)
7. Ropelove (RMX by Mano Juodoji Sesuo)
8. Ropelove (RMX by H_12 aka Hervy from Agonised By Love)
9. Ropelove (RMX by Darkmen)
10. Ropelove (RMX by Älymystö)
11. Ropelove (RMX by noCore)
12. Over The Deathbringer Stars (RMX by Holzkopf)

Length: 57:18


12 remixes for Forgotten Sunrise´s original song "Ropelove".

Limited to 300 golden discs in digipak format.


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