Foreshadowing, The - Days Of Nothing

Foreshadowing, The "Days Of Nothing" Slipcase CD

Label: Candlelight
Released: 2007
Style: Gothic/Doom Metal
Country: Italy


1. Cold Waste
2. The Wandering
3. Death Is Our Freedom
4. Departure
5. Eschaton
6. Last Minute Train
7. Ladykiller
8. The Fall
9. Days Of Nothing
10. Into The Lips Of The Earth

Length: 52:24


Featuring three members of Italian cult acts Dope Stars Inc. & Spiritual Front, The Foreshadowing deliver epic Doom Metal with ethereal soundscapes in a modern and contemporary style. "Days Of Nothing" is a bombastic and atmospheric journey through apocalyptic tragedy and human alienation. Moody, dark and powerful from start to finish.


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