Folkearth - By The Sword Of My Father

Folkearth "By The Sword Of My Father" CD

Label: Stygian Crypt
Released: 2006
Style: Epic Folk/Viking Metal
Country: International


1. Introduction
2. The Lady´s Gift
3. By The Sword Of My Father
4. Naglfar Sets Sail
5. The Death Of Beowulf
6. Instrumental
7. Skaldic Art
8. Domain Of Darksome Ravens
9. Returne To Waelhalle
10. Heathenpride (Falkenbach Cover)
11. Elves
12. Invictus
13. Wisdom Of Wolves
14. Sailing A´Viking
15. Tribute To Viking Gods
16. Journey Ends (Outro)

Length: 01:12:33


Second album from this folk/heathen/pagan metal project, seeing members of The Soil Bleeds Black, Moonrot, Van Langen, Thiasos Dionysos and other joining this time around.


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