Falconer - Among Beggars And Thieves (Ltd.)

Falconer "Among Beggars And Thieves (Ltd.)" Digibook CD

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 2008
Style: Power/Folk Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Field Of Sorrow
2. Man Of The Hour
3. A Beggar Hero
4. Vargaskall
5. Carnival Of Disgust
6. Mountain Men
7. Viddernas Man
8. Pale Light Of Silver Moon
9. Boiling Led
10. Dark Ages (bonus)
11. Skula Skorpa, Skalk
12. Dreams And Pyres
13. Vi Sålde Våra Hemman (bonus)
14. Carnival Of Disgust (Videoclip)

Length: 57:06


A wonderful blend of heavy and folk metal! Once again FALCONER shine with a breathtaking amount of hits about medieval life in their native Sweden. Ltd. edition digibook includes 2 bonus tracks and video clip!


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