Fuck Off And Die - Anti All

Fuck Off And Die "Anti All" CD

Label: Inferna Profundus
Released: 2008
Style: Black/Thrash/Punk Metal
Country: Lithuania


1. Anti All
2. Worldwide Terror Campaign
3. Shut Up, Subhuman
4. Don´t Look At Your Back
5. Cunt Does Not Rule
6. Nothing Happens...
7. Homo Homini Lvpvs
8. War - The Only Hygiene Of The world
9. Hate, Indifference And Alcholism
10. Sextermination
11. I Despise Pigs Like You
12. Karvabernis
13. He´s Turning Blue (Carpathian Forest cover)
14. I Hate Her (Cripple Bastards cover)
15. Nugaleti (Fanarai cover)
16. Without Emotions I Observing
17. And Everything Will Return In Silence...

Length: 50:00


Filthy black´n´roll with some old school black metal, crust and thrash influences. The side project of the mastermind behind Lithuanian black metal band Luctus.


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