Focus - Focus 8

Focus "Focus 8" CD

Label: Red Bullet
Released: 2002/2006
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Netherlands


1. Rock & Rio
2. Tamara´s move
3. Fretless love
4. Hurkey Turkey
5. De ti o de mi
6. Focus 8
7. Sto ces raditi ostatac zwota
8. Neurotika
9. Brother
10. Blizu tebe

Bonus track:
11. Flower shines

Length: 59:07


Of all the groups in the 1970s that combined elements of rock and classical music, FOCUS is, without a doubt, the most notable Dutch group widely known outside the Netherlands. This band has created excitement all over the world during the years with their unique sound and musical approach. The two main musicians in the band were flutist/keyboardist/singer Thjis Van LEER and guitarist Jan AKKERMAN. They played a stylishly inventive rock with flutes, keyboards & dazzling guitar, defining the Dutch prog sound.


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