Faust - From Glory To Infinity

Faust "From Glory To Infinity" CD

Label: Stygian Crypt
Released: 2009
Style: Death Metal
Country: Italy


1. Purple Children
2. Wet Veils
3. Sentimental Worship
4. Golden Wine Countess
5. Servants of Morality
6. Carnal Beatitude
7. Pig God Dog
8. Holy Hole
9. A Religion-free World´s Dream

Length: 40:25


The legendary Italian death metal act Faust finally made it - this debut album of the band just commands the attention of all death metal fans all over the world. With addition of names like Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Sadus, Death), Darek "Daray" Brzozowski (Dimmu Borgir, Vader, Vesania) and Luca Princiotta (Doro, Blaze Bailey) this album is filled with some excellent musicianship.


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