Forgotten Sunrise - Ru:mipu:dus

Forgotten Sunrise "Ru:mipu:dus" Digipak CD

Label: My Kingdom
Released: 2004
Style: Deathbeat
Country: Estonia


1. Outumnyo:nic
2. Never(k)now
3. The Doubletalker & The Sle:perspe:ker
4. Vhatsoewer
5. (Life) 24 h
6. Surroundcosmos
7. Into Flesh I Was Born
8. Thou-Sand-Men
9. Ple:se Disco-Nnect Me
10. Over The Deathbringer Stars
11. The Doubletalker & The Sle:perspe:ker (Rage filled remix by Ghost from G.G.F.H.)
12. Never(k)now (videotrack)

Length: 01:02:36


Surely one of the most original bands in the world! On basis of death metal they lay doses of gothic-wave, EBM and trip-hop.


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