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Folkearth "A Nordic Poem" CD
Label Stygian Crypt
Release date 2004/2006
Style Epic Viking/Folk Metal
Country Rahvusvaheline
Price: 10.99 EUR


1. (Intro) The Pipes are Calling
2. Wolfsong in Moonlight
3. Horned Trolls and Mystical Folk
4. Rhyming with Thunder
5. Eldritch Sorcery and Faery Runes
6. In Odin┬┤s Court
7. Storm Ravens Come
8. Gryningss├ąng
9. Gaelic Valor
10. Outro

Length: 39:41

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A phenomenal international music project created in 2003 by musicians from folk and metal music background all over the world. The music Folkearth makes is regular folk/Viking metal, while they incorporate a diverse selection of folk instruments, such as lute, nyckelharpa, shawm, saz and many others.

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