Folkearth - Songs Of Yore

Folkearth "Songs Of Yore" CD

Label: Stygian Crypt
Released: 2008
Style: Epic Folk/Acoustic Music
Country: International


1. In an Emerald Garden
2. Warrior Heart
3. The Purest Breed
4. Father of Victory
5. The Iron Wolf
6. Remember Hastings
7. The Will of Odin
8. What Glory Remains
9. The Forlorn Knight
10. Charles Martel
11. Homus Paganus

Length: 44:34


A phenomenal international music project created in 2003 by musicians from folk and metal music background all over the world. The music Folkearth makes is regular folk/Viking metal, while they incorporate a diverse selection of folk instruments, such as lute, nyckelharpa, shawm, saz and many others.

All-acoustic album from 2008.


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