Feeder - Pushing The Senses (Ltd.)

Feeder "Pushing The Senses (Ltd.)" CD/DVD

Label: Echo
Released: 2005
Style: Alternative/Indie Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Feeling a Moment
2. Bitter Glass
3. Tumble and Fall
4. Tender
5. Pushing the Senses
6. Frequency
7. Morning Life
8. Pilgrim Soul
9. Pain on Pain
10. Dove Grey Sands

- Tender (The Depot Sessions)
- Dove Grey Sands (The Depot Sessions)
- Pushing The Senses (The Depot Sessions)
- Bitter Glass (The Depot Sessions)
- Pushing The Boundaries" (Documentary)
- Tumble And Fall : The Video Diaries (includes the video)
- Victoria (5.1 Mix and Lyrics Screen)

Length: 40:13


Pushing the Senses, Feeder’s fifth studio album builds on the introspective maturity that made Comfort in Sound a hit with both critics and record-buyers alike.

Limited edition with a bonus DVD.


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