Fall Of The Leafe - Volvere

Fall Of The Leafe "Volvere" Digipak CD

Label: Firebox
Released: 2004
Style: Progressive Gothic Metal
Country: Finland


1. A Waiting Room Snap
2. If Mirrors Leave Men In Crumbs
3. Enemy Simulator
4. Pillar Of The Sun
5. Song From The Second Floor
6. More Like A Situation
7. Hell´s Silence
8. Big Ol´ Fat Rain Inside
9. Security Locks Are Good
10. Guilt Threat
11. Cut The Smoke

12. Bleak Picture
13. Mostly Ashes

Length: 01:01:45


Atmospheric and progressive gothic metal for fans of Anathema and Katatonia.

Digipak with two bonus tracks.


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