Fall Of The Leafe - Vantage

Fall Of The Leafe "Vantage" CD

Label: Firebox
Released: 2005
Style: Progressive Gothic Metal
Country: Finland


1. The Fresco
2. Morning Works
3. But the Ghosts Here
4. In the Silence of the Sand
5. Off the Map, Under the Sun
6. Receiver
7. The Other Room
8. Ordeal
9. Quiet Citizen
10. Cold Java
11. Discipline And Punish
12. The End of Harvest



Atmosfäärne, progressiivne ja meloodiline Soome metal. Gothic-rocki, brit-popi, 70-ndate hard-rocki ja grunge elemendid teevad Fall Of The Leafe´i muusika huvitavaks ja meeldejäävaks.


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