Fenriz´ Red Planet / Nattefrost - Engangsgrill

Fenriz´ Red Planet / Nattefrost "Engangsgrill" Slipcase CD

Label: Indie
Released: 2009
Style: Doom Metal/Black Metal/Punk
Country: Norway


Fenriz´ Red Planet:
1. My Ship Sailed Without Me
2. Jon Carter, Man on Mars
3. Temple of the Red Dawn Rising

4. Nekronaut II - Nekro Spirituals
5. Uskyldighet
6. Sin Goddammit
7. Lustmord (skulle det dukke opp flere lik er det bare å runke)
8. Humiliated and Pissed Upon

Length: 39:13


A split album from two icons of black metal. In addition to playing in Darkthrone, Fenriz has also had several solo and side projects. His three tracks here are originally recorded in 1993 and reveal his passion for classic doom (Black Sabbath, Candlemass and Trouble). Nattefrost is known as the charismatic leader of Carpathian Forest with notable solo career. Presented here are exclusive never-before-released tracks from his past, mixing black metal with dirty punk and roll.


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