Fejd - Storm

Fejd "Storm" CD

Label: Napalm
Released: 2009
Style: Folk/Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Offerök
2. Svanesång
3. Älvorna Dansar
4. Vid Jore Å
5. Egils Polska
6. Storm
7. Varg i Veum
8. Äril
9. Skuld
10. Likfärd
11. Bergakungen
12. Morgonstjärnan

Length: 59:52


The history of Fejd began in 2001 when well-known folk musicians brothers Rimmerfors joined forces with their long-time friends from metal bands Pathos and Nostradameus. The result is an excellent and ultimately characteristic approach to folk-metal as such, with strong emphasis on original folk instruments and powerful vocal performances. This is not your everyday humppa-folk-metal, but something far more deeper and essential.


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