Forest - Pesnju V Zhatve Gorja

Forest "Pesnju V Zhatve Gorja" CD

Label: Stellar Winter
Released: 1999/2008
Style: Black Metal
Country: Russia


1. V dõhanja grud
2. Zharom ven
3. Duha palevu
4. Gde luna polna
5. Lei krovavaja pena
6. Pesnju v zhatve gorja
7. Shtob bushevat putchine vslast

Length: 56:32


Forest is one of the oldest and most respected Russian black metal bands that was born in 1994, inspired by the long forgotten sacrificial places, forest temples and burial mounds of ancient Slaws. Forest´s music could be characterized as the Norse-styled black metal, combining the raw aggression, great Darkthrone´ish melodies, Isengard-like clean vocals and splendid unique atmosphere.

Forest is a member of the infamous Blazebirth Hall.

"Pesnju V Zhatve Gorja" (in english "As a Song in the Harvest of Grief") is Forest´s third studio album, originally released in 1999, re-released in 2008 by Stellar Winter.


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