Filter - The Trouble With Angels

Filter "The Trouble With Angels" Slipcase CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2010
Style: Alternative Rock
Country: USA


1. The Inevitable Relapse
2. Drug Boy
3. Absentee Father
4. No Love
5. No Re-Entry
6. Down with Me
7. Catch a Falling Knife
8. The Trouble with Angels
9. Clouds
10. Fades Like a Photograph (Dead Angel)

Bonus tracks:
11. Leaving Without A Note
12. Drug Boy (remix)

Length: 41:04


Eclecticism has been a hallmark of Richard Patrick´s career in Filter, and it´s administered with crushing efficiency on their fifth album "The Trouble With Angels". Fans weaned on the industrial outbursts and corrosive beats of 1995´s "Short Bus" and 1999´s "Title of Record" will be ecstatic to hear Patrick s unmistakable scream and unflinching honesty dominating the new album.

Two bonus tracks!


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