Fripp, Robert - At the End of Time (Churchscapes live in England and Estonia)

Fripp, Robert "At the End of Time (Churchscapes live in England and Estonia)" CD

Label: DGM
Released: 2007
Style: Prog/Ambient
Country: United Kingdom


1. Threshold Bells: St. Paul´s
2. At The End Of Time: St. Paul´s
3. Evensong: Tallinn
4. Evensong Coda: Tallinn
5. At The End Of Time: Broad Chalke
6. Evensong: Viljandi
7. Evensong Coda: Viljandi
8. Future Shift: Haapsalu
9. Evensong: Haapsalu
10. Evensong Coda: Haapsalu

Length: 01:14:14


The composition of "At the End of Time" is built from the church concert recordings, which were captured from a small tour in England and Estonia, reaching a solid thematic album from the emotional logics of the sacred sounds. Major theme of the album are several variations of "Evensong" from the Fripp & Eno album "Evening Star".


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