Forgotten Sunrise - Time Flies - Rare and Unreleased

Forgotten Sunrise "Time Flies - Rare and Unreleased" CD

Label: omaväljaanne
Released: 2012
Style: Deathbeat
Country: Estonia


1. Samewonder (Error: Success Remix)
2. Ple:se Disco-Nnect Me (Rosewater Remix)
3. Dead Le Gends A Mong The Living (Live)
4. A Trip In Dust Reality
5. Sombrefog (Demo)
6. Innocent Sirens (Live)
7. K-Os Tik-Tak (Top-Notch Remix)
8. The Moments When God Was Wrong (Live)
9. Surroundcosmos (Clean version)
10. Ropelove (Morgue´s Last Choice Remix)
11. The Saltmoon & The Sugarsun (Live)
12. Time 2 Smoke (Live)
13. Midwinter Dreamlights
14. Praegu juba tulevikumuusika



A special limited compilation of some unreleased and rare songs from Forgotten Sunrise´s past. Comes with a really special jewelcase solution (see picture).


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