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Forgotten Sunrise "Cretinism" CD
Label Out Of Line
Release date 2013
Style Dark Electro/Deathbeat
Country Eesti
Price: 13.99 EUR


1. Meaning Of Blood
2. The Moments When God Was Wrong
3. Samewonder
4. Escape I
5. All Ctrl
6. Sisters, Brothers & Other Hellbron Creatures
7. Escape II
8. Tankover Trinity
9. ...dots
10. Escape III
11. Numb-erAte
12. Our Oun
13. Niit
14. Bo:gie
15. Escape IV


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Estonian cult group Forgotten Sunrise puts together an enthralling blend of Dark Wave, Synth anthems, Harsh Electro, Martial and Neo Folk elements, thudding break beats and a fascinating foray into sonic madness. Utterly unique, intensely captivating and laced with an air of menace, “Cretinism” is quite simply the most innovative Electro album in years!

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