Grey Skies Fallen - The Many Sides Of Truth

Grey Skies Fallen "The Many Sides Of Truth" CD

Label: Paragon
Released: 2014
Style: Progressive Doom/Death Metal
Country: USA


1. Ritual of the Exiter
2. Unroot Transparent Being
3. The Flame
4. Of the Ancients
5. Isolation Point
6. End of My Rope
7. Winter Hand

Length: 37:42


Melodic Doom/Death Metal with progressive elements. Grey Skies Fallen has been dwelling in the deepest catacombs of the underground honing their craft. With already 2 demos, 1 single, 2 EP-s and 3 albums under their belt, the band deliver a truly thought provoking and masterful piece of work that has a primal and organic feel. The band is influenced by such metal acts as Opeth, Katatonia, My Dying Bride and Anathema... however they truly have a sound and approach that is all their own.


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