Gong - I See You

Gong "I See You" Mediabook CD

Label: Madfish
Released: 2014
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: France / UK


1. I See You
2. Occupy
3. When God Shake Hands With Devil
4. The Eternal Wheel Spins
5. Syllabub
6. This Revolution
7. You See Me
8. Zion My T-shirt
9. Pixielation
10. A Brew Of Special Tea
11. Thank You
12. Shakti Yoni & Dingo Virgin



The enduring legend of Gong enters another phase of its four-decade career with its astonishing debut for the Madfish label - "I See You"

Mediabook edition with a 28 page booklet featuring lyrics and track notes from Daevid Allen.


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