Gorefest - La Muerte (Ltd.)

Gorefest "La Muerte (Ltd.)" Slipcase CD/DVD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2005
Style: Death Metal
Country: Netherlands


1. For the Masses
2. When The Dead Walk The Earth
3. You Could Make Me Kill
4. Malicious Intent
5. Rogue State
6. The Call
7. Of Death and Chaos (A Grand Finale)
8. Exorcism
9. Man To Fall
10. The New Gods
11. ´Till Fingers Bleed
12. La Muerte

Bonus DVD:
- Making "La Muerte" pt.1
- Talkfest
- Making "La Muerte" pt.2
- From Ignorance To Oblivion (live 2005)
- Tools Of The Trade

Length: 01:04:39


In 2005 the Dutch death-metal legend returned with their classic lineup intact. "La Muerte" crushes and shreds in the vein of their "Erase" album while injecting plenty of fresh energy into the material.

Limited edition slipcase with a bonus DVD.


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