Gehenna - Adimiron Black

Gehenna "Adimiron Black" CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 1998/2011
Style: Black/Death Metal
Country: Norway


1. The Killing Kind
2. Deadlights
3. Adimiron Black
4. Seed of Man´s Destruction
5. Devil´s Work
6. Slowly Being Poisoned
7. Eater of the Dead

Bonus tracks:
8. In Mother´s Tomb
9. Master Satan
10. Adimiron Black (demo)
11. Embryo (Machine of Doom)
12. Transilvanian Hunger
13. Live intro

Length: 36:10 + bonus


"Adimiron Black" was Gehenna’s fourth studio album, originally released in 1998. The music edged further away from the earlier black metal gothic-tinged symphonics to a more brutal crossover of death/black metal, whilst still retaining a few of the band’s trademark keyboard atmospherics.

This re-issue contains 2 bonus songs taken from the band’s "Deadlights" EP (1998), as well as 2 rare demo tracks, a cover of Darkthrone’s "Transilvanian Hunger" and an instrumental bonus track.


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