Gehenna - WW

Gehenna "WW" CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2005/2011
Style: Black/Death Metal
Country: Norway


1. Grenade Prayer
2. Death To Them All
3. New Blood
4. Flames Of The Pit
5. Silence The Earth
6. Werewolf
7. Abattoir
8. Pallbearer

Bonus tracks:
9. Grenade Prayer (alt. version)
10. Werewolf (alt. version)
11. Flames of the Pit (live)

Length: 46:43


"WW" was Gehenna’s sixth album, notable for the appearance of Frost from Satyricon on drums. The album saw a stripped-down approach to writing compared to some of their previous works, with these primitive black metal tracks exuding a dark, cold, yet brutal atmosphere, with the lyrics based around themes of war.

This edition of "WW" features 3 bonus tracks and updated booklet with liner notes written by the band.


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