Gorelord / Wurdulak - Creature Feature

Gorelord / Wurdulak "Creature Feature" MCD

Label: Red Stream
Released: 2001
Style: Death Metal / Black Metal
Country: Norway


1. Chosen Below
2. Burning Eyes Upon Eden

3. Butcher Bob
4. Crucified Goat Drenched In Blasphemic Blood

Length: 14:59


Wurdulak plays dark Black Metal that is an alluring blend of creepy riffs and demonic possession. Featuring the cruel return of Maniac´s Black Metal screams and Killjoy´s ever-sick growls, the band also includes Iscariah from Immortal and Jehmod from Bloodthorn.

Gorelord is deep and brutal Death Metal with no middle ground. The gruesome sounds of ear mutilation are captured to the utmost.


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