Gorelord - Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre

Gorelord "Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre" CD

Label: Coffin
Released: 2006
Style: Death Metal
Country: Norway


1. Outback Part II
2. Dying or Dreaming
3. All Hail the Gods of Horror
4. Flesh to Feed
5. Man of Shit
6. Deathbreed
7. Hammered
8. The Rising of the Undead
9. Sprayed With Gasoline
10. The Glorification of Violence
11. The Final Cut



Jõudsalt õudusfilmidest inspiratsiooni ammutanud ühe-mehe-death-metal-koletis Norrast. Kujuta ette sulamit Morticiani aeglasematest momentidest, Slipknoti-stiilis riffidest ning Grave´i raskest bassisaundist.


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