Gentleman´s Pistols - Gentleman´s Pistols

Gentleman´s Pistols "Gentleman´s Pistols" Slipcase CD

Label: Rise Above
Released: 2007
Style: Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Just A Fraction
2. Out Of The Eye
3. Heavy Petting
4. Widow Maker
5. The Lady
6. Lying & Fooling
7. Mistress Mistrust
8. Creamy Lid
9. Vivid Wonder
10. Parking Banshee

Length: 30:07


Hold your fire, for you are about to be blown away. There are four young hairy men who hail from the North of England. They call themselves Gentleman’s Pistols and their mission is to shoot you down with an incendiary attitude and relentless rounds of riffs.


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