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Girnu Giesmes "Procesai" CD
Label Dangus
Release date 2003
Style Darkwave/Industrial
Country Leedu
Price: 10.99 EUR


1. Bundancio Speigo A:Datos 1 Dalis
2. Bundancio Speigo A:Datos 2 Dalis
3. Lapkritis : Rytas
4. Ne Sapnas
5. Brenda Per Brasta
6. Virstantis Drugiais
7. Suliniu Teritorija
8. Ukanose

Length: 01:02:02

An album of yet unclassified aesthetics – post-experimental substance of multi-layered futuristic psychodelia and new cosmic interpretation of archaic folklore. The sixth release of Lithuanian premier darkwave industrial project unveils the massive power of original compositions.

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