Godsplague - H8

Godsplague "H8" CD

Label: Stay Heavy
Released: 2007
Style: Stoner/Groove Metal
Country: Finland


1. Zero Mission
2. Useless
3. Into Oblivion
4. I Will Break You
5. Depth
6. Hope
7. All You Are
8. Time Bomb
9. 4130/Don´t Come Back
10. Under The Fire
11. H8

Length: 37:55


The eagerly waited third album of Finnish hard n´ heavy band Godsplague has been unleashed. Godsplague´s music is a mix of heavy, down tuned guitar riffs, overdriven bass and powerful drum grooves. If Black Label Society, C.O.C. and Down get your juices going, Godsplague is The Band to check out.


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