God Dethroned - The Toxik Touch (Ltd.)

God Dethroned "The Toxik Touch (Ltd.)" Slipcase CD/DVD

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 2006
Style: Death Metal
Country: Netherlands


1. Faithless
2. Hating Life
3. 2014
4. Falling Down
5. On Wings of Pestilence
6. The Day You Died
7. Away From Emptiness
8. Macabre World
9. Typhoid Mary
10. Fail to Exist

Live in Summer Breeze 2005 festival
1. Nihilism
2. Boiling Blood
3. The War Cult
4. Villa Vampiria
5. Sigma Enigma
6. The Art Of Immolation
7. Salt In Your Wounds
8. Soul Sweeper
9. Serpent King

Length: 39:17


"The Toxic Touch" has become an album with new and broader influences, techniques and songwriting, but sounds exactly the way God Dethroned should sound anno 2006.

Limited version includes bonus DVD with a concert from 2005.


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