Gentle Giant - Acquiring The Taste

Gentle Giant "Acquiring The Taste" CD

Label: Vertigo
Released: 1971
Style: Progressive/Experimental Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Pantagruel´s Nativity
2. Edge Of Twilight
3. The House, the Street, the Room
4. Acquiring the Taste
5. Wreck
6. The Moon Is Down
7. Black Cat
8. Plain Truth

Length: 39:02


Formed at the dawn of the progressive rock era in 1969, Gentle Giant seemed poised for a time in the mid-´70s to break out of its cult-band status, but somehow never made the jump. Somewhat closer in spirit to Yes and King Crimson than to Emerson, Lake & Palmer or the Nice, their unique sound melded hard rock and classical music, with an almost medieval approach to singing.


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