Gathering, The - Souvenirs

Gathering, The "Souvenirs" CD

Label: The End
Released: 2003
Style: Atmospheric/Jazz/Trip-hop
Country: Netherlands


1. These Good People
2. Even the Spirits Are Afraid
3. Broken Glass
4. You Learn About It
5. Souvenirs
6. We Just Stopped Breathing
7. Monsters
8. Golden Grounds
9. Jelena
10. A Life All Mine

Length: 59:24


After the two years since "If_Then_Else", The Gathering decided to push their more experimental side even further, and released "Souvenirs, band´s most jazzy, dreamy and trip-hoppish album to date. "A Life All Mine" features a guest appearance from Trickster G (Ulver).


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