Guns N´ Roses - Greatest Hits

Guns N´ Roses "Greatest Hits" CD

Label: Geffen
Released: 2004
Style: Hard Rock
Country: USA


1. Welcome to the Jungle
2. Sweet Child o´ Mine
3. Patience
4. Paradise City
5. Knockin´ on Heaven´s Door
6. Civil War
7. You Could Be Mine
8. Don´t Cry (original version)
9. November Rain
10. Live and Let Die (Wings cover)
11. Yesterdays
12. Ain´t It Fun (The Dead Boys cover)
13. Since I Don´t Have You (The Skyliners cover)
14. Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones cover)

Length: 01:19:18


If time is the true test, then Guns N´ Roses´ "Greatest Hits" confirms that they really were one of the greatest rock & roll bands in the world. Along with spanning the group’s five album releases, "Greatest Hits" also marks the debut on a Guns N’ Roses album of the band’s cover of the Rolling Stones’ "Sympathy For The Devil" for the 1995 film "Interview With The Vampire".


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