Graveyard - Graveyard

Graveyard "Graveyard" Slipcase CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2007/2011
Style: Psychedelic Hard Rock
Country: Sweden


1. Evil Ways
2. Thin Line
3. Lost In Confusion
4. Don´t Take Us For Fools
5. Blue Soul
6. Submarine Blues
7. As the Years Pass By, the Hours Bend
8. Right Is Wrong
9. Satan´s Finest

Length: 39:40


When Swedish doom/stoner outfit Norrsken split up in 2000 it gave birth to two new bands. While one remaining member founded Witchcraft, the rest of the band went on to form something really rare and unique – an honest sonic feeling that is now known as Graveyard. Playing all sorts of rockish music makes Graveyard stand out from the crowd. Be it classic rock, blues, jazz, folk – you name it – the authentic quintet makes it sound real at any time. Black Sabbath meets Rolling Stones meets Led Zeppelin meets Janis Joplin... the list could go on longer and longer...

The debut album from 2007.


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