Germ - Wish

Germ "Wish" CD

Label: Eisenwald
Released: 2012
Style: Progressive Black Metal
Country: Australia


1. An Overdose on Cosmic Galaxy
2. Asteroid of Sorrow
3. Oxygen
4. Breathe in the Sulphur / A Light Meteor Shower
5. Gravity
6. Flowers Bloom and Flowers Fall, But I´m Still Waiting for the Spring
7. Infinity
8. Your Smile Mirrors the Sun
9. Wish

Length: 42:11


The new project of Tim Yatras, the multi-instrumentalist known from many of Australia’s past and present black metal bands, including Austere, Nazxul, Grey Waters and so on. Equal parts of black metal, electronica and even dreampop, Germ is the sound of forward-thinking metal anno 2012. This is the sound black metal unbound.


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