Gaahls Wyrd - GastiR – Ghosts Invited

Gaahls Wyrd "GastiR – Ghosts Invited" Digipak CD

Label: Season Of Mist
Released: 2019
Style: Black Metal
Country: Norway


1. Ek Erilar
2. From The Spear
3. Ghosts Invited
4. Carving The Voices
5. Veiztu Hve
6. The Speech And The Self
7. Through And Past And Past
8. Within The Voice Of Existence



Gaahls WYRD, lead by the infamous Gaahl (ex-GORGOROTH, WARDRUNA), is a full-strength assault of pure Norwegian black metal malevolence and majesty. The highly anticipated debut album from Gaahls WYRD will see the band chart territories within the extreme metal genre no one has ever walked before.


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