Gathering, The - Downfall: The Early Years

Gathering, The "Downfall: The Early Years" 2CD

Label: Hammerheart
Released: 2001
Style: Death/Doom Metal
Country: Netherlands


1. In Sickness and Health
2. Gaya´s Dream
3. Always...
4. Subzero
5. Anthology in Black
6. Second Sunrise
7. Downfall
8. In Sickness and Health
9. Second Sunrise
10. Six Dead, Three to Go
11. Downfall
12. Another Day
13. Share the Wisdom

Bonus video CD-ROM (MPEG format):
- Live at Willem II, Den Bosch, 1991 (53:55)

Length: 01:09:47


Compilation of the both The Gathering demos - "Moonlight Archer" and "An Imaginary Symphony" - with additional tracks which were planned for an unreleased 7" EP and a bonus CD-ROM with footage from a live concert.

Tracks 1-3 taken from an unreleased 7";
Tracks 4-8 taken from the "Moonlight Archer" demo;
Tracks 9-13 taken from the "An Imaginary Symphony" demo.


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