Hatfield and the North - The Rotters´ Club

Hatfield and the North "The Rotters´ Club" CD

Label: Virgin
Released: 1975
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Share It
2. Lounging There Trying
3. (Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology on the Jaw
4. Chaos at the Greasy Spoon
5. The Yes No Interlude
6. Fitter Stoke has a Bath
7. Didn´t Matter Anyway
8. Underdub
9. Mumps

Bonus tracks:
10. (Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology on the Jaw
11. Chaos at the Greasy Spoon
12. Halfway Between Heaven and Earth
13. Oh, Len´s Nature!
14. Lyng and Gracing



Hatfield And The North is probably the next step the average prog fan should take into exploring Canterbury after Caravan´s best albums. Extreme explored musicianship, led by the ex-Caravan leader and bass player Richard Sinclair.

The second album, released in 1975.


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